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I knew at the end of 2009. I built some PCBs such as GEN3. Then I bought one Cupcake CNC from Makerbot on 2010. Then I had built my own 3D printers.  Yes, it is a long story. But now, I try to put my work into That ‘s a exciting thing for me.

I designed the K Extruder( And, I am working on the Pangu.

Pangu is a Prusa Mendel i2 with LM8UU liner bearing and K Extruder, coming with the Melzi electronics, include some tools and anything else needed for a working 3d printer. Prusa Mendel is simplied version of Mendel form RepRap project. RepRap is open source 3D printer.

Chinese legend said Pan Gu created the world by separating the heaven and the earth from chaos, use his axe. In my mind, 3D printer is a tool, like the axe. 3D printer can change the world, too.

Good luck!


We have done 100 kits J head nozzle hot end MKIV

Quantity Part Description Remark
1 J-Head Nozzle (v1.x) MachinedAluminumNozzle/Heater Combination, Version 1.x Modified size,fromImperial to Metric
1 Nozzle Holder (v4) Machined PEEK Nozzle Holder, Version 4 Modified size,fromImperial to Metric
1 PTFE liner 3mm ID, 5mm OD PTFE tubing for 3mm diameter filament

or 2mm ID, 3mm OD PTFE tubing for 1.75mm diameter filament

Fit the Nozzle and the holder
1 heat cartridges 6mm diameter, 20mm length, 12V 30~40Watts, 1m wires
1 Thermistor 100K B=3950
1 Hollow-lock socket set screw M3hollow-lock socket set screw Fit the Nozzle,fromImperial to Metric
1 Support Washer Optional 1/2″ Fender Washer Do not include this one

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