We have done 100 kits J head nozzle hot end MKIV

Quantity Part Description Remark
1 J-Head Nozzle (v1.x) MachinedAluminumNozzle/Heater Combination, Version 1.x Modified size,fromImperial to Metric
1 Nozzle Holder (v4) Machined PEEK Nozzle Holder, Version 4 Modified size,fromImperial to Metric
1 PTFE liner 3mm ID, 5mm OD PTFE tubing for 3mm diameter filament

or 2mm ID, 3mm OD PTFE tubing for 1.75mm diameter filament

Fit the Nozzle and the holder
1 heat cartridges 6mm diameter, 20mm length, 12V 30~40Watts, 1m wires
1 Thermistor 100K B=3950
1 Hollow-lock socket set screw M3hollow-lock socket set screw Fit the Nozzle,fromImperial to Metric
1 Support Washer Optional 1/2″ Fender Washer Do not include this one